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Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to Highlight the Important Information

Table tents are a great way to share important information with incoming customers.  Whether you are trying to pull in pre-existing customers or people who may have never been in your restaurant before, table tents are ideal for outlining information that people may look past sometimes.  They are also a great way to advertise special events you may have coming up such as a particular day of the week that you are offering a drink special, or a fundraiser you are holding in your facility for a good cause.  These colorful advertisements are set on top of every restaurant table and outline important details for people who are interested in what that restaurant has to offer.

Whether you wish to advertise drink specials, popular appetizers or entrees, or desserts on your table tents, attracting customers is the main priority, and it has been proven that these table tents reel in potential customers and keep others coming back for more.  All in all, table tents sell food, which is the main goal of any restaurant.  No matter if you are a pub, a deli, or a hole in the wall, table tents benefit any place that allows sit down meals.  They come in many styles such as vertical, flip chart, or angled, and are small enough to be placed on bars, counter tops, or dining tables, without interrupting the customer.  Because table tents are so inexpensive, they are a must have item for almost all restaurants and food businesses. 

Table tents are mostly seen with bright colors and pictures on them to attract customers and force them to read the specials that are going on at that time.  They are key in making people aware of things that they might not know about otherwise.  Look into what table tents can do for your company and purchase yours today!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Copyrighting Your Menu

Once you finish creating the perfect restaurant menu design to capture the mood of your establishment, it's always a good idea to consider copywriting your design. This can be especially important if you have created customized artwork or logos or created signature dishes that have unique names you want to be associated solely with your restaurant.

Copyrighting the menu provides you with protection from any portion of it being copied or reproduced without your written consent. If your menu is copyrighted, you may be eligible to sue for statutory damages and attorney's fees should you discover someone is reproducing your work without your permission.

It sounds like a complicated process, but obtaining a copyright can be as easy as putting a menu cover on your newly designed masterpiece.

To begin the process, you can go to and fill out an application. The current application fee is $35 and it will normally take about four weeks for you to receive your certification once the copyright is approved.

Once the copyright is approved, you will need to add the copyright registration information to your menu, preferably on the first or second page.  That information is as follows:

    1.    The copyright symbol: © (hold down CTRL + ALT and then press C on most PC's) or the word                   "copyright."     
    2.    The year your copyright certification was approved.
    3.    Your name or the company's name.

For example: © 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Digital vs. Printed Menus

With technology on the rise these days, some say printed items are dead, as everything seems to be going digital.  Books, newspapers and magazines have been the first to experience this new wave of digital convenience; however, restaurant menus are following close behind.  That’s right – digital restaurant menus are making their way around the restaurant scene and are slowly replacing the standard menu forms we’ve come to know and love.  While technology has given us great gadgets, with features that keep us preoccupied for hours, there are certain items that many people feel should just be left alone – menus being one of them.

When going out to a restaurant, many folks enjoy the feeling of having a menu cover to hold and flipping through the pages to find exactly what piques their interest.  Touch screen sensors turn many people off, as they stray from the traditional menu format that we are all use to.  Just like a good book or newspaper, many people enjoy the feeling of the pages on their hands, not the swiping of their finger across the Plexiglas screen. 

However, digital menus, just like printed menus, do have some perks to them; one of them being that they can be programmed to the breakfast, lunch or dinner menu items, depending on what time of day it is.  That way, the customer is not searching through all the menu items when, for example, they are specifically looking for only the dinner entrees.  They are, however, more expensive than having traditional menus, as digital menus can cost a restaurant anywhere from $50 to $250 a month to own and maintain.

There are perks to both types of menus and people will have their own reasons as to why they prefer one over the other.  If you are starting up your own restaurant business, look into what types of menus would work best for you.  Even though these digitalized menus are the latest thing, the act of holding an elegant menu cover in your hands and feeling the paper pages, as you turn to look for that perfect meal, will never go out of style.