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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Digital vs. Printed Menus

With technology on the rise these days, some say printed items are dead, as everything seems to be going digital.  Books, newspapers and magazines have been the first to experience this new wave of digital convenience; however, restaurant menus are following close behind.  That’s right – digital restaurant menus are making their way around the restaurant scene and are slowly replacing the standard menu forms we’ve come to know and love.  While technology has given us great gadgets, with features that keep us preoccupied for hours, there are certain items that many people feel should just be left alone – menus being one of them.

When going out to a restaurant, many folks enjoy the feeling of having a menu cover to hold and flipping through the pages to find exactly what piques their interest.  Touch screen sensors turn many people off, as they stray from the traditional menu format that we are all use to.  Just like a good book or newspaper, many people enjoy the feeling of the pages on their hands, not the swiping of their finger across the Plexiglas screen. 

However, digital menus, just like printed menus, do have some perks to them; one of them being that they can be programmed to the breakfast, lunch or dinner menu items, depending on what time of day it is.  That way, the customer is not searching through all the menu items when, for example, they are specifically looking for only the dinner entrees.  They are, however, more expensive than having traditional menus, as digital menus can cost a restaurant anywhere from $50 to $250 a month to own and maintain.

There are perks to both types of menus and people will have their own reasons as to why they prefer one over the other.  If you are starting up your own restaurant business, look into what types of menus would work best for you.  Even though these digitalized menus are the latest thing, the act of holding an elegant menu cover in your hands and feeling the paper pages, as you turn to look for that perfect meal, will never go out of style.